Advanced Over and Under Canopy LED Lighting for Commercial Crop Cultivation

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Catalyst Under Canopy Grow Light

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Lighting for Cannabis and Greenhouse Cultivation

Designed by the leading expert in LED technology, and one of the top bioscience and mechnical engineers in the industry, JumpLights provides the most efficient, reliable, and highest intensity products on the market.

Catalyst Under Canopy Light


The Catalyst Under Canopy Light is designed to be placed under plants to solve the problem of insufficient canopy light penetration and provide higher crop yields.





The Budkicker Over Canopy Light is a full spectrum high Intensity LED Grow Light for Flower Room applications.




BudKicker Grow-in-Place


BudKicker-GIP Grow-in-Place is controlled by the JumpLights SpectroTouch Controller, or your controller, for settings of Seedling, Veg1, Veg2, Flower, Full, and Flush.



Prism Greenhouse Light

The Prism 170 Mini is 40” long and operates from at 170W from a built-in power supply. The Prism 340 Dual Mini consists of 2 40” lights connected by a cable and to a single power supply.




Prism Mini and Dual-Mini Greenhouse Light

Single Tiered Indoor Farming. Compact bright light that easily replace HPS or HID lights. The result is more photons in key photosynthetic receptive areas, even while using less power than the replaced lights.



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Our CataLyst Product SpotLight

View more information on our NEW CataLyst Under Canopy Light

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