JumpLights Inc. is a Maryland based technology company that doesn't compromise crop yield and quality when designing LED Grow Lighting for replacing or complimenting conventional HID Lights. We provide better light intensity and controlled spectrum for both the Vegetation and Flowering stages.

We design and manufacture LED lighting solutions for controlled environment commercial crop production. The company was founded with a desire to enable indoor farmers to use the latest technology to help produce a better crop yield and quality. Whether you're growing food crops near an urban center or growing medical crops for discerning patients, indoor farming offers high levels of control and the ability to optimize key resources. It is important to make the best use of these advantages by selecting the right lights for your operation.


Our products are based on LED bar lights that have been adapted into convenient configurations for select growing styles. These configurations come in formats ranging from direct HPS or HID replacements to long dense light arrays (TITAN and Gemini). They come in fixed spectrum configurations such as our vegetative lights, to "Push-Button" controlled all-emcompassing light (Gemini), to variable spectrum configurations such as our extremely controllable light (Equinox) that has special features.

Our team is here to help you choose the power, spectrum, and controllability that is right for you for both Greenhouse and Indoor farming applications.