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JumpLights Inc. is a Maryland based technology company that designs and manufactures LED lighting solutions for controlled environment commercial crop production. The company was founded with a desire to enable indoor farmers to use the latest technology to help produce a better crop yield and quality.







Exceptional Products and Innovation

Experienced Staff  
Our Product Development staff has extensive experience developing high reliability products that operate in tough environments


Engineering Talent
We have 12 engineers and scientists working on our products and more than half have master’s or PhD degrees.  Experience includes Horticulture, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Software and Computer control.


Inovative Product Design
Our products are innovative, easy to use and solve customer problems.  We design our products with backwards compatibility in mind so that existing hardware and software products purchased will seamlessly operate with new products.




Recent Accomplishments

Technology Grant 2021
We recently won a Maryland Industrial Partnership grant of $75,000 to work with University of Maryland professors on unique and advanced thermal design techniques for LED lighting


Agriculture Grant 2021 - Helping People  
We were recently awarded a Maryland grant from the Agricultural Rural Rebuild program to fund $200,000 to upgrade lighting in a Maryland greenhouse facility and conduct research on improving plant growth productivity. This technology resulted in employing people during cold weather for indoor growing.




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