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We provide professional installation of our LED Grow Lighting, including electrical.

We offer our experienced, professional installation team, trained to install and service our Grow Lights, ancillary products, and associated electrical needs. Here are the steps we follow to provide you with a smooth installation.

Site Visit and Preparation

THINKING... A site visit is critical to making a project run smoothly. Unexpected installation obstacles can slow down the progress of an entire project. We even plan for the mechanical and electrical requirements to prevent delays and provide a reliable, professional installation.

Product/Installation Proposal

PROPOSING... Now that the site visit is accomplished, our team of lighting and Installation engineers work together with our sales team to provide a complete technical and pricing proposal.

Delivery, Installation, Testing, and Approval

APPLYING... We perform the installation based on the detailed proposal provided. We deliver the materials, install the product, and perform the necessary testing, without interruption to our customer's schedule.


Our Install Team

From concept and design, to delivery and installation, Jumplights provides a team of professional installers with industry certifications that are related to building infrastructure projects. Our partner is a Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) Corporate member and employs staff trained and certified by BICSI. The following summarizes our process of running a smooth installation.

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1. Plan

Planning is everything in an installation. This includes knowing the customers needs, requirements, and scheduling, plus recognizing any potential roadblocks and addressing them before the installation begins.

2. Design

Now that we have defined the problems and needs, it's time to get creative, explore our design options, and develop a creative solution.

3. Deliver and Install

By working with our customers schedule and requirements, we schedule to deliver and install the purchased materials without interuptions and ON-TIME.

4. Review

Before, during, and after, we set up reviews with our customer to be sure we are meeting all their needs and requirements.

5. Refine

As a follow-up to our review meetings we make any necessary changes to refine the installation.

6. Results

We continue to keep in touch with our customers to be sure that they are getting the expected results from our products and installation.

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