JumpLights Solutions

JumpLights doesn't compromise crop yield and quality when designing LED Grow Lighting for replacing or complimenting conventional HID Lights. We provide better light intensity and controlled spectrum for both the Vegetation and Flowering stages.

HID lights such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights are familiar to indoor farmers and are inefficient in that they don't provide the best method of providing light to plants for producing the best crop yield and quality. HPS lights have been known to produce relatively good crop yields but also have many disadvantages. JumpLights LED lights use less energy to produce the same light intensity as HPS Lights and have lower cooling cost, but many growers have been hesitant to switch to LEDs in fear that they may get lower crop yields or quality.


The JumpLights Solution:

Better light than HPS

• Our proprietary lighting technology reduces time to harvest and increases plant yield and quality by providing high light intensity and spectrum that matches photosynthetic absorption. Our lights trigger and rejuvenate vital photoreceptors to increase the size of the plants.

• Our form factor provides better uniformity and canopy penetration.

• Better Control – Our systems allow control of lighting period, light intensity and allow spectral tuning to reduce time to harvest and increase output per sq ft.

• Real time IoT Monitoring System to identify problems before they cause damage and provide the information needed to optimize plant growth: Temperature, Humidity, Soil moisture, CO2 A Cost-Effective Light optimized for each major application in Indoor Growing or Greenhouse light supplementation.