GEMINI 1500W Multi-Stage Grow Light
- Control Light Intensity, Spectrum, and Photoperiod

Controller manages your Light Intensity, Spectrum, and Photoperiod for best yield and quality

The GEMINI’s capability at full power is greater than 950 µmol*m-2 s -1 at the canopy

Best power level and Red:Blue spectrum ratio in the first week of flowering for less stretching and better visual inspection

Higher Red:Blue ratio and lower Red:Far Red ratio in our FLOWER setting allow the development pathways for flower growth to be optimized

UL 8800 wet location certified


High-powered light array with a convenient 4’ x 8’ footprint and multi-stage controller for vertical or single tiered applications.

The array is able to match plant needs with ideal light by using the spectrum and brightness controls.





Gemini Controller Guide